Articles and papers for teacher and students

Outdoor California

A World Under the Surface: Life of the Pacific Salmon. Robert Titus. July, August, 2009.

A Thousand Tiny Wounds. Harry Morse and Neil Manji. July-August, 2009. The crisis in California’s salmon population can
be described as the result of a perfect storm

CDFG Steps Up to Recover Endangered Species. Brett A. Wilson. March-April, 2003. About Warm Springs Hatchery coho captive broodstock program.

Bays and Estuaries: A Vital Link in Marine Ecosystem. Eric Larson and John Mello. November - December 2002.

Various Sources

Endangered Russian River Coho Plant Sets Record. DFG News Release December 12, 2010. (On-line)

Status of Central California Coast Coho Salmon. Department of Fish and Game. Current Issues. Fall 2010. About use of captive broodstock program as a recovery tool for Russian River coho.

Pacific Salmon, King of California Fish. CDFG. 8p.

Your Impact on Salmon / Fish: A Self Assessment. Washington Dept. Fish and Wildlife. 8p
Are you a Salmon Saver, a Friend, or a Threat? Take the survey and find out.

Recreational Activities May Harm Salmon and Steelhead Spawning Beds. Washington Dept. Fish and Wildlife. 2p

Kid's Stuff. Tom Perot. Trout Magazine, Autumn 1992.
About one of the founders of the Salmon and Trout in the Classroom Program, David Armocido, and his fourth grade students in Colusa.

On California's Coast, Farewell to the King Salmon, Smithsonian Magazine, October 2008 (On-line)

Advanced readings

Fish Species of Special Concern in California. Peter Moyle et al, 1995. 277p

Salmon, Steelhead and Trout in California: Status of an Emblematic Fauma Peter Moyle, et al. 2008. 316p.

Salmon and Nurtients: A Seminar on Science and Policy. Proceedings. December, 2008.

Steelhead Restoration and Management Plan for California. Dennis McEwan and Terry A. Jackson. CDFG. 1996. 246p

Bonneville Power

The Story of the Pacific Northwest Salmon

The Magnificent Journey