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This page links to the classroom materials that are provided on this CD. All materials listed on this page reside in the folder titled Lesson Plans, Posters, etc.

British Columbia

BC led the way in salmon education with the Salmonids in the Classroom curriculum, first published thirty years ago. Here are the recently revised editions.

Salmonids in the Classroom Primary

Salmonids in the Classroom Intermediate

Poster: Salmon: the Vital Link 11X17 in.

Childrens' Book List  Mostly salmon or river related.

Trout Unlimited

Stream Explorers- fun magazines for kids

Pacific Salmon
Trout Biology
Stream Ecology
Upstream Adventures
Human Impacts

Stream Explorers website

Oregon - The Stream Scene

This 550-page book guides learning from the larger perspective of watershed systems -- their upland, riparian, and aquatic areas -- to the aquatic life they support. Each unit provides background information, vocabulary, a bibliography, extensions, learning activities (teacher and student versions) with education standards alignment, suggestions for younger students, and scientific inquiry adaptations.

Introduction (pdfs)

4 lessons from the Oregon Salmon in the Classroom Program

Oregon Dept. Fish & Wildlife webpage for education

Ed Huff Posters

Three beautiful, small posters with activites on the reverse side.

A Trout's Habitat

A Trout's Anatomy

A Trout's Diet



California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Life Stages of the Rainbow Trout poster 11x17in.

A Trout's Life, In the Wild and In the Hatchery. A coloring, educational activity book for all ages.

Salmon and Trout Go to School. An Instruction Manual for Hatching Salmon and Trout Eggs in Classroom Aquarium-Incubators

Trout Life Cycle A page from the Instruction Manual

Stream Insects and Crustaceans ID Card

Fish ID A page with color illustrations from Outdoor California

Various Sources zz

Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book, USFWS

Trout Time, from South Carolina. Contains a lesson about trout genetics.

Project Wild Aquatic K-12

Agua Pura: Exploring Salmon and Steelhead in California Communities. A Multi-disciplinary instruction unit for non-formal educational settings and 6th grade classrooms

Save Our Seas curriculum, K-12. Addresses marine debris.

Poster of Coastal Wetlands from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Poster: Watershed, Where We Live USGS

Life Cycle Hexaflexagon